The Pipeline Story of Pablo and Bruno

The Pipeline Story of Pablo and Bruno

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The Pipeline Story of Pablo and Bruno is a fantastic story illustrating the power of innovation, leverage and passive income.

The Pipeline Story of Pablo and BrunoI first came across the story in Robert Kiyosaki’s book, The Cashflow Quadrant. I found it interesting and very educational. It is in fact life changing. I then came across it in a video shared to me by a friend. It was actually first told by Burke Hedges in his book “The Parable of the Pipeline”.

The story describes two very ambitious friends, Pablo and Bruno. They are both young, ambitious and have big dream. They both work very hard in order to achieve their dream. The only difference is that Bruno only know how to exchange his time with money, working tirelessly to make money using his own effort. Pablo on the other hand, is more innovative and understands the power of passive income and leverage. You can watch The Pipeline Story of Pablo and Bruno below.

The Pipeline Story of Pablo and Bruno – The Lessons Learnt

It is clear from the story that Pablo is the ultimate winner. The main differences between his and Bruno are:

  • Being innovative
  • Being open minded
  • Have long term view
  • Understanding of the Power of Leverage
  • Understanding of the Power of Passive Income
  • Not letting others pull him down and crash his dream

Now think of your own life. Are you more like Bruno, working hard everyday trying to exchange your time and energy with income? Do you have time to improve yourself, plan for the future and spend time with your love ones? Or are you more like Pablo, have a dream, have a plan, stick to your plan despite not seeing result in the short term and ignore others who are trying to pull you down?

 I hope this story has opened your eyes and more importantly, the mind. It is time to start building your pipeline!


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