Vemmabuilder – Legit or Scam?

Vemmabuilder – Legit or Scam?

Written by ketsangtai

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Vemmabuilder is a 3rd party marketing system many Vemma members use to build their Vemma business. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about Vemmabuilder. I have previously written a blog post about Vemmabuilder which explains why it is not a scam. As it was written on Feb 2011, nearly 2 years ago, I guess it is time to revisit this topic.


Vemma is a network marketing company operating in 50 countries worldwide. Its flagship product is the Vemma formula, which is made into 4 different products, ie Vemma Premix, Vemma Bode (including Thirst), Vemma Next and Vemma Verve. It is one of the top 100 network marketing companies in the world with 2011 revenue of approximately 100 millions. Its products are endorsed by people like Chris Powell and Dr Oz, as well as positively reviewed by health publications like Men’s Journal and Miss Fitness. Vemma sponsors Pheonix Sun and Charlotte Bobcats basketball team. It has also won multiple awards recently. So there is no doubt that Vemma is not only a decent company, it is in fact a great company.


vemmabuilderI have to make it clear that Vemmabuilder does not equal to Vemma. It is a 3rd party marketing system built by one of the early distributors (or brand partner in Vemma term) to market the Vemma business online. It is a powerline system with well written autoresponder messages. It offers 90 days free trial to people who opt into (filled in personal details) the system. These people are called pre-enrollees. They have log in details to their own Vemmabuilder system and are able to use the system as if they are a fully paid members. The only difference is that they are not eligible to earn commission. Like other powerline systems, it will alert pre-enrollees when there are other pre-enrollees opted into the system below them in their lines and when one of these pre-enrollees upgraded (paid for the system and bought Vemma product) to become member. This creates excitement and a sense of urgency to encourage other pre-enrollees to upgrade.

There is really nothing wrong with this kind of system as it has been around for a while. The problem arises when people who use this kind of system abuse it by adding pre-enrollees without others’ permission. It can also cause confusion to pre-enrollees who do not understand how the system work. That is why there are some people claiming that it is a scam.

The actually fact is that it is a fantastic system if you spend a little bit of time understanding it and use it properly. It has certainly helped me built my international Vemma business.

So if you are looking at joining Vemma builder or Vemma, try to find someone who are willing to explain the system to you properly and teach you how to use it. You will soon love it so much that you can’t live without it!

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