Why People Say Vemmabuilder is a Scam?

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Some people ask me if Vemmabuilder is a scam. They want to be sure because some people wrote on some forums or websites that Vemmabuilder is a scam. After being in the business for nearly 1 year, I can honestly tell you that Vemmabuilder is the real deal. Vemmabuilder is a marketing system used to build a MLM business called Vemma.

Vemmabuilder or Vemma can not be a scam because:
1. There are high profile and honest people making money with it.
2. A scam won’t last for 6 years and operating in 58 countries without being closed down.
3. Robert Kiyosaki won’t endorse a scam (See video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfEz7tzSf8Y)
4. A scam should not have offices in many countries including US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia etc, some of which have very robust and strict rules about network marketing or online business.
5. Bob Proctor, Darren Hardy, Dr Oz and Dr Roizen won’t speak in the convention of a “scam” company.
6. A scam won’t have products proven by clinical studies (www.vemma.com/science)

There are many more but I just list a few points. Then you will ask, why people are saying Vemmabuilder is a scam? It is not hard to figure this out with common sense. There are a few groups of people who will say Vemmabuilder is a scam online.

1. People who want to get traffic to their blogs or websites
Vemma is a growing company and Vemmabuilder is very popular. The search volume of these words on Google is very high. So it is not hard to see why people want to have an article or website ranked high on Google and get a lot of traffic to their websites.

2. People who want to sell you a marketing system or recruit you into their own business
Again using the same principle of getting traffic to their websites, they write bad things about Vemmabuilder and then promote their own business or system to you. If you read some of these articles carefully you will see the hidden motive.

3. People who don’t understand how internet marketing and marketing system works
You sign up for a system for free, then you get email saying you have money waiting. Most people will think this is too good to be true and say it is a scam without trying to understand it more. I can tell you that when Vemmabuilder send you an email saying you have money waiting, it is 100% true! So if you are in this group of people, please spend some time understanding the system before saying it is a scam. It is not fair to a great system like Vemmabuilder.

4. People who joined the business in the past but didn’t make money
There are many reasons why someone do not make money in a business opportunity. Most of the time it is because they have not put in the required effort and commitment. They then turn around and blame the system, as if it is everyone else’s false but their own. It is not hard to understand why because 20% of people are making 80% of the money. The 80% of the people just don’t get it. And these are the people who spend the most time on forums and chat rooms complaining, blaming and pointing fingers. Do you really want to listen to them, or listen to someone more successful?

I can go on and on about this but I think I have made my point. I leave it to you to decide.

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  1. Ozman says:

    This is totally legit! I am in the program right now and Ive made a profit since the first week! I would suggest this to everyone! To sign up just go to http://ozman.vemma.com/

  2. zayne says:

    Hi, I’m interested…but I dont understand how it works. I have to buy the products the first time or every month? And I have to pay for the website isn’t it? What else I have to pay other than that, and what are the things that I have to pay (minimum) every month. Sorry need to know cos the website doesnt explain or maybe I dont understand how it works. Becos even If I join I need to know how much I will have to pay monthly to maintain it. Pls let me know via email if possible. Looking forward to hear from you. Cheers

    • ketsangtai says:

      Thanks Zayne and Ozman for your comment. Zayne, I will email you.

      • Brian says:

        Hi Ketsangtai, I have the same doubt as zayne. Can you send the same info to me as well.

        Currently I been log with the upline with chinese speaking. I having diffulty to type in chinese. So what can i do, am I able to change the upline? Looking forward to hear from you. Cheers!

  3. Stella says:

    Hi there. I came across this page by chance as i was browsing for part time job to earn a side income.
    How does this work

  4. Susan Lee says:

    Hi there
    Few months back I received an email from one of the vemma builder as I was so curious I quickly sign up before actually know “Vemma” itself. As I’m getting ALOT of emails everyday asking me to quickly purchase the packs in order not to lose the money, I assumed it’s some kind of scam.
    But, looks like it’s real and legit.
    Mind to explain me further especially on the starter pack and the bonus/compensation plan?

    • ketsangtai says:

      Thanks for your message Susan. It would be impossible to explain everything on here. Let’s chat on Skype or Facebook so that I can explain to you further. I have sent you an email.

  5. Priya says:

    Hi there! would u mind sharing with me in a nutshell on how this online biz works? Is it a lifetime membership? or annually need to be renewed? What r those packages for? are they linked with the subscription of any websites for a certain period?

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